Breathing well is fundamental to optimising our health, well-being and enhancing our performance.

Are you breathing well?

Many people do not realise that the way that we breathe can affect our stress levels, sleep, digestion, mood, athletic performance and cognitive function. Therefore, learning more about the seemingly simple act of breathing, can help people function at an optimised level.

Breathing Works offers private workshops to educate members of your organisation about this commonly overlooked aspect of our health and well-being.

More and more businesses are seeing the value in prioritising employee health and well-being.  Healthy employees cost companies less money and are more likely to stay with the company for longer. Therefore, investing in corporate wellness can positively influence both your business and the lives of your employees. Breathing Works has presented at many different organisations “Wellness Weeks”.

What does a workshop involve?

We come to you to offer individually tailored education sessions for your team. We aim to provide you with knowledge, improved self-awareness and practical tools to help enhance the well-being and performance of the group.

After an initial discussion, we aim to develop a workshop that contains content that is relevant to your workplace and industry. We are keen to learn what your goals are and what you hope to gain from the workshop in order to tailor the content accordingly.

Workshop content ideas include:

  • Why breathing? What are the benefits of breathing well?
  • How do I know if I am breathing well or not? Practical tips for self-assessment.
  • Basic anatomy and biomechanics of optimal vs. dysfunctional breathing pattern.
  • The biochemistry of breathing – what happens when our breathing changes?
  • How stress and fatigue affect our breathing and vice versa.
  • The negative impact of chronic stress and the loss of balance within our autonomic nervous system.
  • How can we harness breathing as a tool? Practical breathing exercises for both ‘in the moment’ and how to improve your overall wellbeing with practice.


The cost of our workshops will depend on a number of factors including, duration of the workshop, location (any travel required) and the size of your group. Upon initial discussions, we will be able to provide further costing details once we have understood your requirements.

Note: For organisations based out of Auckland, we also offer online education sessions.

If you would like to discuss workshop options further, please contact us at