Chronic Pain is one of the more common conditions that we see at Breathing Works. Recent research is pointing to a strong causative link between breathing poorly and low back pain, gastrointestinal pain, and neck pain. Further research has linked specific breathing muscle weakness with neck and low back pain. If you consider that you breathe around 20,000 times every day, and that this can be stressing the body, then it is easy understand the cumulative effects on pain that can occur from poor breathing.

The first step for controlling pain is learning to restore normal, relaxed breathing. Learning to return your breathing to an ideal baseline level allows the body and mind to start the process of returning to a balanced pain-free state. Once this is mastered then daily practice will assist re-learning to breathe in all situations.

Most of our patients get significant improvements from breathing retraining along with exercise and lifestyle changes.

How does Breathing Works help to improve pain?

We will:

  • Teach you to return to a more optimal and efficient breathing pattern and use this to move away from pain irritating breathing patterns
  • Help your physiology to return to an optimal balance
  • Balance your nervous system to get you out of that 'fight or flight' state
  • Strengthen your diaphragm so the symptoms are unlikely to recur in the future

We have treated thousands of clients over the last 20 years, and have a very high success rate in improving symptoms. We can help!

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