Booking an appointment at Breathing Works

What does a typical initial appointment at Breathing Works entail?

Your initial assessment will start with you sharing your story, and describing your symptoms and key concerns. Your physio will ask additional questions to obtain a full and accurate history. They will then take you through a series of objective measures which enables them to understand how your current breathing pattern may be linking to the symptoms you present with. See our Conditions page for further information about what conditions we commonly treat at Breathing Works. Your treatment will start with educating you around the diagnosis, helping improve your awareness of your current breathing pattern, and we will start teaching you the basics of the breathing retraining process.
Your physio will outline a treatment plan which will be specific to your diagnosis and working towards achieving your personal goals. The number of sessions and type of treatment covered in this time will be individualised to you. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout the session and we encourage you to do so!

Who will I be seeing?

You will be seen by one of our experienced and friendly physiotherapists, who have all undergone additional training in assessment and management of Breathing Pattern Disorders. All of our clinicians have completed BradCliff Method Training and apply an evidence-based practice. You can learn more about the members of our team here.

How long are the appointments?

Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes and usually follow up appointments are 30 minutes in duration.

Do I need a referral?

Whilst many of our new patients are referred to us by other medical professionals, it is not essential to have a referral, therefore anyone is welcome to make an appointment.

Can I book a telehealth appointment?

Yes, this is an option. If you are not based in Auckland (or getting to one of our clinics is not feasible), there is the option of booking a telehealth appointment which is a virtual appointment conducted with your clinician via Zoom. We have found we can 

What is the parking availability?

For the Remuera Clinic at 110 Remuera Road: Client parking is available outside the Remuera Medical Chambers Building, this includes any of the marked parking spaces or on the grass in front of the building. As there are multiple medical practices working out of the one building, at certain times parking can be limited therefore, please allow sufficient time for parking.
For the Northcote Clinic at 160 Lake Road: Client parking is available on the grounds of Flexa Clinic. You can park in any of the parks marked for Flexa Clinic.

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On the day of your appointment:

  • Prior to attending your appointment, please complete the 3 online questionnaires which will be emailed to you upon booking.
  • Please wear clothes that will enable a comfortable examination, e.g. t-shirt and pants/shorts (if possible, avoid dresses or full-length outfits).
  • You are welcome to bring a support person with you to the appointment.
  • Mask wearing is optional inside the clinic.


The standard cancellation fee is 50% of the appointment charge, if cancelling within TWO business days of the appointment. Please contact us with as much notice as possible to allow us to contact others on our waitlist.

Due to the COVID19 health and safety precautions we need to take, please advise us if you become unwell before the appointment. If possible, we can switch to an online session, please let us know. There will be no cancellation fee if you become unwell on the day prior to the appointment.